There was a time in America when most people believed that you could turn on the evening news or read the latest edition of their favorite paper or magazine and  be presented with unbiased and truthful reporting. Well it’s probably safe to say here in 2020 that notion is bulls&%t!

From national to local what is called news seems to be highly biased reporting with a smattering of truth in it somewhere. In general there is nothing wrong with being biased, we all are to one degree or another. The problem comes when certain sources of “news” claim to be objective and unbiased but it is clear that is not the case.

At TLP we are straight from the start about our biases. 

We love America and think the this has always been a great country.

We believe in freedom and capitalism.

The information that we will be presenting will be biased but as truthful and honest as possible. And from time to time some over the top humor just to prove we don’t take ourselves too seriously.One of our greatest freedoms is that of free speech and thought. If you disagree with anything that we present don’t hesitate to challenge us, we welcome healthy debate from all. This is how we remain great!